Rachel Leigh-Janney

Hello, I’m Rachel, the creator of Herb-a-licious. My vision is to share with the world the amazing flavours and textures available from a clean plant based diet.

In 2009 I was living on processed foods and came across a 7 day juice cleanse by Jason Vale, this was the start of me changing my eating habits. I met my husband in 2010 and he had a very big impact on me! I remember him sending me to the supermarket to get Quinoa, like many I couldn’t say it, spell it or find it in the supermarket!

It’s taken 7 years for me to change my lifestyle to eating a clean healthy plant based diet and I’d love to share this information with others.

In 2014, 3 things happened that propelled my journey. My husband started his Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, we became pregnant with our son, Aslan and I bought Deliciously Ella’s Book.

I was so focused that I would only eat clean food (nothing processed) for the first 6 weeks of Breastfeeding and I loved the food so much that I never really stopped! When Aslan was 6 months old and we started weaning him, it felt so right that our whole family would live this way and so we have.

When Scotty started his Kundalini Yoga training I started making cakes from healthy plant based ingredients for his classes and so when he did his first One Day Retreat it was obvious that I’d love to do the food. The feedback was so amazing and the word spread so much that Nicolette, owner of Happy Heart Cafe, asked me if I’d love to take over her monthly Vegan Pop up Night! I had a million reasons why to say NO (I’m not good enough, I don’t don’t enough, people won’t like the food and so on) but something inside said YES and that was the beginning of Herb-a-licious.

Huge thanks to everyone who has supported us along the journey and kept asking us for MORE! From pop-up nights to workshops & Classes, weddings, private dinners, retreats and of course ready meals!

Kez Seery

I’m Kez, the new partner in crime alongside Herbalicious creator, Rachel. 

I have been interested in the benefits of eating plants for around 10 years, I was fascinated in what plants can do for our bodies, I continued with my usual animal based diet, but with extra fruit and veggies.

Fast forward 8 years to 2016 and I fell in love with Yoga. Magically YouTube took me on a tangent from watching a video by a vegan who practised yoga, to the video of a vegan activist. James Aspey’s video ‘This Speech is Your Wake up Call’ changed my life in so many ways. I decided to embrace a vegan life and went vegan over the period of a couple of weeks. 

Shortly after I became active for animals and my life became surrounded by a variety of vegan food. I spent my spare time advocating for animal rights and veganism, finishing each event off by sampling a vegan dish at one location or another. 

At the end of 2017 I stumbled across Scotty and Rachels’s Kundalini yoga retreat, the thought of a weekend practising yoga whilst enjoying plant-based food triggered something in me. My soul cried out to me to join them. I booked my place immediately, about 1 week before the retreat was due to take place. After spending 3 days eating clean at the retreat I realised that eating the way I was, 50% good and 50% not-so -good didn’t allow me to thrive. I started experimenting with plant-based foods, rather than processed vegan food and slowly started to move towards eating mainly a plant-based diet. 

A few months later Rachel invited me to help her on her 6-week cooking course, I was so excited to be invited to be a part of Herbalicious. With a 15 year background in catering I had hit a wall, since waking up to the dominion we have over animals, I could not serve them as a meal anymore. To be invited into a thriving plant-based catering company seemed like a dream, and it still does. What better way to spend my work life than showing people how amazing cruelty-free food is, planting the seeds of change one meal at a time.