The course will be made up of 6 evening classes. During the first Class we will share what we would love to get from the 6 week course and this vision will be informally reviewed during each class. Each week we will come together at 6.30pm until 8.30pm and follow a theme for the evening.

During the evening I will give a full demonstration on how to make the dishes before we dive in and enjoy them. Then you will be given a copy of the recipes and you will have the option to then make the recipes yourself in the comfort of your own home before the next class. I’m structuring the classes in this way to give people time to learn, assimilate and share their experience. We will also have a private Facebook group where we can share what we have made during the week along with offering support.

There will be up to 12 people on the course. I’m a big believer in having a supportive peer group around me when I’m learning so i will be creating a space where you can connect and support each other during the 6 weeks.

Week 1 – Tuesday 16th January
Week 2 – Tuesday 23rd January
Week 3 – Tuesday 30th January
Week 4 – Tuesday 6th February
Week 5 – Tuesday 20th February
Week 6 – Tuesday 27th February

The themes I’m currently playing with are:
Cakes & Cheesecakes
Lunch on the Go
Sweet Tarts
Savoury Tarts
Dips & Snacks
Everyday basics

Price: £15 per class x 6 Classes = £90 (£30 at time of time and £60 2 weeks before the classes start).
Please note it’s a 6 week course and individual classes cannot be purchased.
This includes all your equipment and ingredients required for the class along with herbal teas throughout the evening.

Please let me know if you have any questions

To book please e-mail

I really enjoyed the workshop – meeting new people, learning some new things, really interesting tastes and some simple ‘hacks’ to make food more interesting. Your level of planning and thoughtfulness is very apparent and really makes everything go smoothly. I have already passed on your contact details to a couple of friends, with a recommendation to sign up for themselves.
I don’t really have any suggestions to improve the experience – I loved the whole session and the afternoon flew by. John will be having the food I bought home with me for his dinner this evening, so I am looking forward to hearing his verdict. I gave one of the energy balls to a friend who has made something similar for our running group and she said mine (yours!) were much better than hers, so she wants the recipe.
Penny Taylor
Had a fantastic time at the vegan cookery workshop on Sunday, hosted by Rachel. Rachel’s natural enthusiasm for great food, great health and great community, permeated the whole day. Rachel catered not only for the novice (i.e. me  ), but also for the more experienced foodies amongst the group. We worked through 5 different dishes and then topped the day off by having a meal together, with the lovely food made. Could not recommend the event more highly, whether you are a vegan/vegetarian or just curious about plant based eating. Rachel has definitely converted me to being a ‘foodent’ of life!
Glen Darby