For many reasons sometimes working in a group session doesn’t feel right! Maybe you have specific requirements and needs then lend towards preferring private and one to one classes.

I only work with 2 personal clients at one time and I dedicate time to there personal requirements.


The first one to one is an opportunity for us to discuss lifestyle, what’s important to you and how you love to learn and work.

From here we create a plan of how many classes over how many weeks works best for you to help you available your vision.

If you’d love to know more about One to One session please e-mail me on

You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy plant based food. I’ve been fortunate to attend several of the pop up evenings that Rachel has held, and even more fortunate to receive 1:1 instruction in how to cook delicious food myself, using vegan principles. I’m still not vegan, but I am eating healthier meals more often – and I’m not hungry and craving food that makes me ill. Thank you Rachel. – Sanjay Shah